Shellshock Attack (CGI Vector)

What is that CGI — Common Gateway Interface?



How it works?


bash — Environment Variable Intro

Function Syntax

func() {
echo "FOO"
func_one() { echo "FOO"; }
func_two() { /bin/cat /etc/passwd; }

Environment Variable

#Create a shell variable within our current session:
MY_VAR="Hi There"
# Then export the variable, so the child shell can use it:
export MY_VAR
#Create a shell function:
func () { echo "Hello world"; }
#Create a shell function that returns nothing:
func () { :; }
#Export the function properly (it'll be important in the future):
export -f func

Shellshock CGI Attack — What is all about?

What do you mean: “save environment variables in incorrect way”

MY_VAR='() { :; }; echo Vulnerable' bash -c 'echo "Start A new child shell"'

CGI + Save environment variables = Shellshock



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